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Bicycle Manufacturing Process

1. Technical Drawing of Frame

2. Raw Materials that Make up the Frame

3. Machines Using Hydraulics to Push Material into Curves

4. Solid Steel Cast for Molding the Top Tube

5. Cutting Stem Post

6. Initial Welding and Second Welding to Connect Initial Welding Dots Together

7. Solid Steel Long Table to Hammer Frame to Balance

8. Clean Up Residue Inside Seat Post

9. Dip Frames in Chemical Wash for Cleaning Before Painting Process

10. Hang Frames to Dry

11. High Pressure Air Valves to Clean Dust, Foil, and Other Residue Before Painting

12. Painting by Hand and Examining

13. Hang to Zig-Zag Conveyer Belt to Dry Paint

14. Endurance Test on Random Frame

15. Examine Shaken Frame for Distortion

16. (GreenBike Only) Test Electric Motor

17. (GreenBike Only) Charge and Drain Battery to Test Cycles

18. (GreenBike Only) Pearl Copper Wiring Inside Motor to Form Magnetic Shield

19. (GreenBike Only) Test the Hub Motor for Output Voltage

20. (GreenBike Only) Engrave ID on Motor with Laser Machine

21. Machine Attaches Spokes to Wheel

22. Machine Compresses and Forms Spokes in Place

23. Infrared Machine Checks for Spoke Spacing Accuracy and Tunes the Wheel

24. Add Inner Tube and Tire to Wheel

25. Packaging and Boxing

26. Complete and Ready for Shipping
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Home > About Us > Bicycle Manufacturing Process
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